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Flash Pyrolysis of Dry Biomass

The dry, comminuted biomass is mixed with hot sand at ambient pressure in the absence of air in a twin-screw mixing reactor. Pyrolytic conversion of the biomass particles at approximately 500 °C, and condensation of the pyrolysis vapors take a few seconds only. Depending on the operating conditions and on the biomass selected, one obtains 40 to 70 percent of liquid pyrolysis oil and 15 to 40 percent of pyrolysis char as well as a fraction of non-condensable pyrolysis gas whose combustion heat can be used for heating or drying. In the pilot plant, 500 kg/h (2 megawatts) of biomass are converted by flash pyrolysis into biosyncrude.


Flash pyrolysis and energy densification: Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology (IKFT)





Flow diagram pyrolysis


Fig. 1: Flow process chart of the flash pyrolysis






Fig. 2: bioliq® pyrolysis plant Fig. 3: Pyrolysis reactor



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