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What is bioliq®? BTL Fuels from Biomass Residuals

bioliq is future starting right nowDahmenbioliq® is one answer searching for high quality BTL fuels or fuel components produced from sustainable biomass residuals. The problem to be solved is the widely distributed rising of biomass connected to the need of large scale fuel production plants required by economies of scale. The solution is the de-centralized pre-treatment of biomass to obtain an intermediate energy carrier of high energy density (bioliqSyncrude), which can be transported economically over long distances to supply an industrial plant of reasonable size for synthetic fuel production. By chemical synthesis fuels will be produced which can be used as drop-in fuels or as stand-alone products completely compatible to exiting diesel or gasoline type fuels. Nearly any type of dry biomass can be utilized for this process; a focus is set on by-products and residues of agriculture, forestry or landscaping.




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