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III. bioliq® Status Colloquium 2022 at KIT - Campus North (Only German-language Sessions)


Due to the Corona Pandemic, we have postponed all previous dates for the III Status Colloquium.

A possible date for 2022 will be announced here on this page.  

Interested persons are cordially invited to join the event and can already place a reservation. Then the official invitation with information and the programme is automatically dispatched by email to you.


Attendance free - Please register/place reservation here:    



                                                          Tel.: +49 721/608 22614



                                       Programme 2017 (Only german-language sessions)





bioliq® Status Colloquium takes place regularly since 2015. The event informs about the progress of the works due to the bioliq® pilot plant as well as about scientific issues along bioliq® process chain within the scope of the use of biomass as a feedstock and the synthesis of advanced fuels. The Karlsruhe bioliq® project stands for a technology that produce high quality synthetic fuels and chemical basic products only from dry biomass residuals. The construction of the pilot plant for technical demonstration and as a research platform was begun in 2005 under support by the BMEL and the FNR as well as of the state of Baden-Württemberg. In 2014 the process chain was completed and successfully launched. Further research and development is for the optimisation due to the engineering and for more research issues in the outer field of the bioliq® concept. In the bioliq® Status Colloquium we yearly present all the news and facts due to the project.


The event is a scientific colloquium within the scope to inform about bioliq® but also to present and discuss fuel technologies of sustainable, renewable feedstocks and news in the outer field of bioenergy issues.







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