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Biomass to Liquid - the bioliq Process

The Karlsruhe bioliq Process

The bioliq® pilot plant under construction will cover the process chain required for producing customized fuels from residual biomass. Being mainly synthesized from dry straw or wood, the BTL fuels offer environmental and climatic benefits through clean combustion. The integrative process chain, moreover, enables production of synthesis gas and chemicals.
bioliq® intends to mainly convert large local quantities of residual biomass by densifying energy. To save carbon dioxide and reduce routes of transport to refineries, the Karlsruhe BTL concept combines decentralized production of energy-rich bioliqSynCrude® by means of rapid pyrolysis and central processing with final industrial-scale refinement. Since the energy density of bioliqSynCrude® is by more than one order of magnitude higher relative to the volume of dry straw, it is evident that the method’s efficiency is enhanced by decentralized energy densification and that such densification ensures that biomass can be fully exploited and put to use in substance and in energy.